Jaycie Danika

Since I wasn’t working on my Blog in August I didn’t post about my other granddaughter that was born this year. Jaycie was born on August 22. She is the first child of Joey and Jill. My memory not being as good as it use to be, I can’t be sure of all the stats on Jaycie’s birth. But I do think she weighed 6 lbs 13 oz and was 18 1/2″ long.

She is such a wonderful addition to our grandchildren and each time I see her I cannot believe how fast she is growing. And of course she is absolutely beautiful, but you can see for yourselves from the photos I have posted.

We are so blessed with all these wonderful grandchildren

More to come…


Miss Scarlet

Well I finally have the photos of my newest granddaughter. Scarlet was born on December 22. She weighed 7 lbs 7 oz. and was 18 3/4″ long. She was due on January 4th but couldn’t wait two more weeks. That is great because she becomes a tax deduction for 2010.

We were hoping she might be born on my fathers 90th birthday of January 1st, of which he celebrated in Laughlin Nevada. Something he and my mother have done for many years.

Please enjoy these photos and if you would like to see more photos taken by Bugg Photographer’s, the proud parents check out Ashley’s blog. Link is on this page. Enjoy!

More to come…

Silent Beauty!

First I want to announce I have a healthy beautiful new granddaughter. She was born on December 22. I will post more when I get some photos from Ashley.

Today I am posting about what is going on outside. We are having a snowstorm. This isn’t our first snow of the winter but it looks like it will be the most snow we have received so far this winter. We took a walk this morning and Sadie had a ball. There wasn’t very much snow at that time but the ground was getting white. When we got back from our walk we decided to stack up some firewood on the porch so we can have a nice warm fire going as the snow comes down. We also took a precautionary step of stocking up on some water in jugs just incase our electricity goes out. This something I remember doing growing up in Evansville. When you have no electricity you have no pump to bring the water up from the well. And we are in a very rural area with lots of trees and overhead power lines. The other fun thing that has to be done is sweeping the snow from the satellite dishes. So far Steve has had to do that twice.

This afternoon as I was driving back from getting the mail I saw a beautiful 10 point buck. He was magnificent and moving at his own slow pace, I think he was enjoying the snow too. I so wished I had my camera with me. Maybe next time.  I do enjoy seeing the deer, especially the bucks they have such attitudes. I hope that never gets old.

Well it is dark now, so I can no longer watch the snow come down. I cannot help but wonder how much we will get. Some reports have been as much as 12 inches. Well this is why we are here for the winter, to see if we can take the snow and cold. I will keep you posted.

More to come….

Older Post

Hello again,

For those who have just discovered my Blog you can go back to see my earlier post on here by clicking on “older post” at the bottom of the page. There are several pages on post with lots of pictures. So please check it out when you have time. You can also see how our family has grown.

Baby Watch!!

I would like to welcome those who visiting  my site for the first time. I enjoy posting to the Blog, but I am not the most consistent poster. At this time we are on “baby watch”. Ashley has been having labor off and on for several days. so we are waiting patiently for a phone call so we can head out to Queen Creek to meet our newest grandchild.

Please feel free to comment on my post. If there is something you would like for me to post about, let me know. I am hoping to do better this next year. I really have several things I want to post about, one is about our “Annual Family Weekend” that took place September of 2009. I will get that one done in January, so be sure to watch for that one.

I doubt if I do much posting between now and the first of the year, but who knows. So please check back and remember to leave your comments or just to say Hi!!

The photo I posted is of my daughters, Nikki and Ashley taken just before Thanksgiving. They are 11 years and 10 days apart in age. So proud of my girls.

More to come…

White Stuff!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Tucson. Let me tell you it did feel a little strange not being in our Tucson home. But we did manage pretty well. Sadie had some problems but I think it had a lot to do that she no longer had Sabrina around and she was a little lost. We stayed in Nikki and Steve’s travel trailer. We want to thanks so much for the accommodations.

Thanksgiving Dinner was at Joey and Jill’s this year.  They had both families and we had a great time and wonderful food. It was so nice to get to spend some time with Jaycie, our newest granddaughter. She is growing so fast and I cannot believe how strong she is getting. Can’t wait to spend time with her at Christmas and all my other grandchildren.

Well I started this right after we got back from Tucson, saved the draft and never got back to it until today. Which is day before we leave for Tucson for Christmas and the arrival of our newest granddaughter. This will make our 9th grandchild.

It has been very warm here the last couple of weeks, beautiful but unusually warm and dry. Now I want to tell you we now call unusually warm, lows in the teens and highs in the 50’s. We did have some very cold weather the week after Thanksgiving. It got down to 9 below zero and we had somewhere between 2″ &  3″ of snow, and it looks like we might be getting some snow starting on Thursday. This is a good thing, we start getting a little worried when it gets to dry around here.

I have a photo or two of the small amount of snow, so I will post them.

More to come…

Front Yard Visitors

Yesterday was kinda of a bummer day. With Sabrina passing away and all. 

As I was checking on Sadie, who was laying out in the front yard being sad over the death of her best friend, I noticed she was staring very intently at something. When I look off into the wooded area there were about six deer grazing and Sadie was just watching.

As we watched they keep getting closer to the house. But, we had to deal with the death of Sabrina and take her body over to our property and find a place to bury her. So when we started the jeep the deer went back away from the house.

When we returned to the house there in the front yard were several of the deer drinking from the little pond. Upon our return they scattered and ran. Well a few hours later I was sitting at the computer working on my blog about Sabrina’s death. I looked up and out of the window on the south side of the house there was the deer. They apparently were coming through again. But this time there were not six deer but twelve. There was a buck, several doe and some young ones that were apparently born this year.

I just love seeing the deer. To me they are a sign I am where I am supposed to be. Can’t explain why that is, it just is.  Well as I was watching all the deer I suddenly realized that I needed to get my camera out and take photos of all these wonderful and graceful creatures. So I got some photos, most of them were taken from inside the house through the screened porch. But they do show these wonderful animals in the wild and not behind a fenced in area.

I decide to take my chances and slip outside to see if I could get some better photos. It worked for a little while. That is until Sadie realized I was out there and what I was doing. This dog who just a couple of hours before patiently sat and watched these deer from the front yard decided to bark.  Well deer do what deer do when they hear a dog bark. They scattered and they were gone. It was great while it lasted.

Well! I went back to working on the computer and a little while later I looked through that window again and what did I see? It was a doe with two young deer walking through the side yard. I smiled and said Thank You! I truly feel blessed to see so many deer that day, especially that day. The day we lost Sabrina.

More to come….